Points of Interest in Seattle

Must Visit Places in Seattle

Seattle is a beautiful city located in the Pacific Northwest in the state of Washington.  It’s a popular destination for people near and far who are vacationing.  Seattle is a vibrant city with plenty of activities that are fun for everyone.

However, there are a few points of interest in Seattle that you must see.  With the help of nearby VHA that specializes in AC repairs Chaska, we’ve been able to formulate a list of the top places to visit in Seattle, Wa.

Let’s get this started!

Space Needle

The Space Needle is tucked away off of Broad Street in Northern Seattle.  It’s near Pacific Science Center, Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle’s Children Museum, and the Seattle Center.  Thousands of people a month visit the space needle to take an elevator ride up 520 ft to an observation deck that overlooks the city of Seattle.  At the top of the Space Needle is also SkyCity restaurant that is inclosed and rotating.

The Space Needle is number one on our list because it’s an iconic building that represents the city of Seattle.  This iconic landmark has over 20,000 Google reviews with an average of 4.5 star rating.  You could say people were happily entertained with their experience of the Space Needle

Pike Place

Pike place is a farmer’s market located on Pike St that sits off the edge of Elliott Bay.  One reason to head to Pike Place Market is to step foot in The Crumpet Shop.  This is one of the more established venues of the market with delicious savory dish of green and eggs and ham.  Of course, you can’t go wrong with their world famous crumpets.  Those are always a good choice and we highly recommend ordering a few of their fan favorites to get a taste of everything.

You can visit the Pike Place website to stay up-to-date with the latest events to help plan your vacation.  If you’re curious about whether or not you’ll enjoy your time here, then you can refer to the other 30,000+ people who have visited Pike Place Market and rated it 4.6 stars out of 5.

Seattle Aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium was first opened in 1977 and it’s mission is Inspiring Conservation of Our Marine Environment, which is reflected in everything that the Seattle Aquarium includes: exhibits, events, conservation and education programs, research activities and more.

Some of the featured animals in the Seattle Aquarium include: Sea Otters, Harbor Seals, Dog Fish, Puffer Fish, Wolf Eel, Giant Pacific Octopus, Tufted Puffin, River Otters and more.

The most popular exhibit at the Seattle Aquarium is the Family Activity Center which is dedicated to expanding visitors knowledge on Orca wales. The local orcas belong to a group called the southern resident community. Members of this community use a unique dialect, bear unique markings and eat a diet composed almost exclusively of Chinook salmon.

The Seattle Aquarium is the 9th largest aquarium in the United States, and ranks 5th in terms of top five paid visitor attractions in the Puget Sound region.

Visit Seattle

If you have a chance to visit Seattle in the future, we suggest starting with these three places.  These options are a great start to plan out your vacation.  However, there are numerous other places that you can visit in Seattle to enjoy your trip.  Wherever you choose to go and however you wish to spend your adventure in Seattle, you’re bound to be in for a trip of a lifetime!

Things to do in Seattle

The largest city in the peace-loving western ocean has a fair population, an excess of open parks and green public friendly neighborhood in the areas. You will love to travel to places like the raised Kerry Park, the popular observation tower, but make enough period of your trip to visit the famous museums of Seattle, friendly residential and challenging infrastructure. 


  1.   Pike Place Market

Pouring and moving below a sheer peak to the front of water on the bay of Elliot is a marketplace of impressive parts. Give your trip a period of minimum time that you can be enticed by the smell of baking bread or to search majors. You can wake up early in the morning to get into the marketplace to challenge the public.

  1.   Space Needle

The space needle is the most tremendous feature of Seattle and it has remained standing for more than sixty years. The reason for it is called Space Needle because when the first American Astronaut visited space, this building was the largest in the West. The glass on its floor literally rotates because of the one hundred million projects of its. It will be worth your while seeing this place around.

  1.   Museum of Culture

Since the years of the 2000s professional music operations and science imaginative museums and hall of honor and many other dozens of remarkable artifacts, all are organized at the Museum of the Pop Culture. Unlimited Planets of Science imaginary exhibits more than one-fifty artifacts which you could have seen in blade runner or the movies like Men in Black.

  1.   Seattle Art Museum

Moored in the public area of Seattle, the Art Museum of Seattle has two sections in it; at the royal sculpture park and the art museum of Asians.

However, the art section of Asians is known probably closed just for investing reasons at the section. The bag of SAM is large-length but has an unusual crowd of Native Americans art from the peace-loving Western Oceanside. The features of Native Americans include features like textiles and mask designs.

  1.   Seattle Great Wheel

The largest Ferris wheel that has been ever seen in the world is of Seattle in the west coast of ranging from 53 meters. The wheel is first considered as tourism spot but everyone loves to go there. The wheel opens up the form to midnight which means you can have a relaxing night.

Best tours in Seattle

Seattle is a beautiful city to travel to and they offer the best tour for your full experience in the city.


1. Shuttle tour
This tour offers a four-hour photo-centric tour guide to the wonderful city. It gives information on the layout of Seattle, its historic background and scenic tour to the Snoqualmie Falls which is located outside the city. The tour works throughout the year except in April when the photographers go to Skagit River valley for the Tulip festival. The tour price is inclusive of light snacks and water but no meals are provided.


2. Northwest tours
This tour offers two sets of tours that is a short tour of about three hours inside a bus. In this tour there brief information is given about local highlights and also the history of the city. The other tour takes about six hours, it’s longer and it’s mostly available during the summer season. The tour is inclusive of a two-hour tour into a pike place market and a trip to Space Needle. The Northwest tour also offers daytime tours to Mount Rainier, Boeing factory tours and tours to the pre/post-Alaska cruise. One of the outstanding qualities of this tour company is the well-conditioned, clean and comfortable tour, coaches. Their tour guides are also accommodating and friendly.


3. The Theo Chocolate factory tour
This Chocolate factory offers a tour to the visitors to help them know more about chocolate that is how is transformed from bean to a chocolate bar, what it comprises of and it also allows the tourist to sample the chocolate. The visit to the factory is done during a weekday when the factory is fully functioning and it only takes one hour, but the tour is offered all the days of the week. Closed toed shoes and air nets are required when touring the factory.


4. Bon Vivant Wine Tours
This is a great way of experiencing regional well-known wineries. The Woodinville day tour usually offers a visit to six wineries including Michelle, the grand, famous Chateau Ste and the Vintners which is less known. The trip is taken in small groups of about ten people for 6-7 hours. It’s important to note that the tour fee is not inclusive of the wine tasting fee and lunch.


5. Pike Brewery Tour
Pike brewing company is known for making good craft beer since 1989. It’s located in downtown Seattle near the Pike market place. The tour allows the visitors to tour the company, learn more about beer and even sample some of the best brewery offerings. The tour is done in specific hours during the week. For example on Tuesday to Saturdays, the visit is done between 3-4pm. There are also free tours which are offered on from Wednesday to Saturday at 6.30 pm but there is no beer tasting.

Souvenirs of Seattle

Seattle is originally known as the coffee city of the US and by their glorious one cannot sleep. More than this, the diamond area is famous for entirely some typical Seattle things that make its name popular in the world than the other tourist destinations in the US.

  1. Jewelry

The places in the northwest of the US are famous for making handcrafted jewelry of their traditional culture. The most popular in the jewelry is the Orca ring which is about for two-fifty dollars and is created with the finest native style of the Americans. The rings are unique, carved in silver, group art of Orca. There are not only rings that are popular in Seattle but also the necklaces, lucky charms, toothed machines and bracelets also pick up a great significance in Seattle.

  1. Moon Valley

The north-western region of America is popular for making medical soaps, ointments, honey, and presents. The whole business of Moon Valley is only taken care and is owned by one family which has proved itself the best marketplace in Seattle. Products developed there are of the finest quality, natural materials, absorbing defendable farming and untamed handmade techniques absorbed with well-known traditional methods. Their medical methods combine the explanation of collaboration, which proves that the interchange of pooled materials has huge effects than the highest quality natural products of local shops. The medical products are clean and finely carved and never tested on animals. Moon Valley is making progress day by day their products, manufactures and name increase.

  1. Wine

No one exists on this planet that has made trips to Seattle but has not tasted the wines of them by the local wine shops. The Wine country of Seattle is the one that has the finest wines. The bars are filled with people and consist of the jamboree, significant lively music, and their food is an enjoyable thing to discover. They also ship wines to people at their homes which prove that the shop is not some third party local shop. They are open between the times of 12 am to 7 pm. However, if you want to collect additional information you check out their website also. Some people don’t like to visit the countryside and want to have wines at their spot then you can also visit the paradise of wine lovers in the post alley.

Places to Travel in Seattle

Seattle had gone through an incredible change in the biggest city of the State of Washington. Mostly succeeded at present because of its stable and powerful economy, nowadays it is a lively city which is hoping in the future for vanguard change. The city is filled with its old traditions and a happy going lifetime of people and being the coffee capital of the US. The city is filled with bars all around. If you ever travel Seattle the types of places you should go see waterfronts and raised structures of building in water, visit pleasurable places, make a cruise trip and harbors, as much as attractive places like The Great Ferris Wheel.

  1. Space Needle

Seattle Needle was constructed in 1964 because of people affair but now the buildings somewhat changed for the amusement of people into places like restaurants, movie theaters, and food courts. Nowadays tourist attractions have been increasing rapidly for this place.

  1. Pike Market

The attractive market of pike place offers different sales for several products for tourists. The places usually have some attractions for foreigners to show an interest. Every type of products is available there like fruits or vegetables to electronic products. If there is no allowance in your rental place to cook food head out to the market and look for local business food markets.

  1. Plane Museum

Seattle’s Museum of Planes is home to many jets, mostly historical. The place offers many types of ancient planes used in wars and different amount of types. The people who love history and planes they should absolutely visit this attractive place. A person can visit this place in a local transportation bus plant that can reach in ninety minutes of time.

  1. Olympic Park

The Park of Olympus is open to the public and is located near the Elliot coast. It’s free to go are which offers different types of experiences and challenges like crossing a glass bridge. The park’s style is taken care of as an important rule because having to go through the experience of natural change.

  1. Benaroya

Seattle’s first artwork category, the hall consist of twenty-five hundred seats and also have coherence competitions. There is a huge decorated large picture of Dale in the main hall lobby. The place is similar to places like the museums of Seattle. The action of the hall takes place in the social down area, just near the roadside of Seattle Museum.

Driving in Seattle – Is It Any Good?

It seems like driving in Seattle is something that people really love to talk about these days. If you have ever had a chance to drive on the East Coast, or in any other country for that matter, chances are that driving in Seattle would not be a great experience for you. Even professional San Francisco movers who drive on a daily basis in a densely populated area would have a difficult time commuting throughout Seattle.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that Seattle is a bad place – it is actually a very interesting place with a lot of things to see, as well as a lot of fun things to do.  However, Seattle still manages to be a city where traffic is really bad.

Although drivers in Seattle are usually considerate, they face a number of unique challenges on a regular basis. These challenges include hills and narrow streets. Despite the fact that the rain is very common in Seattle, it seems like most drivers are still not able to drive in the rain. This can be very frustrating for more skilled drivers, because they always need to be on the lookout for those who can’t even drive properly!

You Have To Pay For Parking

If you are the type of person that doesn’t like to pay for parking, your best option is to skip Seattle altogether. From street parking to pay lots, almost every parking spot in Seattle has its price. Make sure to always carry some cash with you, just in case there are no credit card machines available.

Two-Way Traffic Is Not Always an Option

In Seattle, some streets just don’t have enough room for two-way traffic. This is because some streets pretty much always have cars parked on both sides of the road, which automatically means that one-way traffic is the only available option. If you ever happen to be driving on such roads, and you probably will, make sure to pay some extra attention to what is happening in front of your car. If there is enough room to pull over and let the other car pass by, make sure to do just that. Most drivers are polite in situations like these, and the reason why is because there are is no other option.

Take the Bus

Seattle is the kind of place that doesn’t get a lot of snow. However, when snow does hit, it often turns into a dangerous ice. Because of that, instead of driving around in your own car, your best option would be to just take the bus.

Three Things That You Need To Know Before Visiting Seattle

Pretty much everyone who lives in Seattle will tell you that life there is great. Of course, some people will complain about the traffic, rain, and even graffiti, but most of them are not planning on leaving the city anytime soon. In fact, more and more people are moving to Seattle each year. Because of that, Seattle is considered to be one of the fastest growing cities in the United States of America.

Although it is pretty similar to some other large-scale cities in the USA, Seattle still manages to maintain its one-of-a-kind status, and there is a good reason for that – a couple of reasons actually. With that said, here are three things that you need to know before visiting Seattle!

Weather Creates Natural Beauty

If you are planning to visit Seattle in the near future, or even if you would like to move there, probably the first thing that people will tell you about is the weather. The weather in Seattle is very special and unique, and there is a good reason for that. Not only does it make everything look more attractive, but it affects almost every aspect of life in this beautiful city as well. But seriously though, rain makes everything in Seattle look much more beautiful than it already is. Rain shapes the area’s natural beauty, as well as its culture.

Seattle Is an Environment-Friendly City

Grocery stores in Seattle encourage customers to bring reusable bags. Seattle doesn’t offer plastic bags anymore, and if you want to buy a paper one, you can get it for a relatively low price. Pretty much everything is recyclable in Seattle. Organic foods are very popular in this city. In fact, organic foods are so popular here that there are more options now than ever before, and the best thing about all of this is the fact that the prices are more reasonable as well.

Traffic Will Test Your Patience

There is no doubt about it – the traffic in Seattle is terrible. It will test your patience. But there is no reason to worry though, because this city has been pretty good when it comes to managing its own growth, as well as making transportation improvements. Basically, the closer you are to the center of the city, the better your transportation options. The Sounder train is probably the most relaxing trip you can take in this city. However, keep in mind that this train is not as fast as you might think.