Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Seattle

The city of Seattle provides many opportunities for young adults, tourist and upper classmen. Museums and galleries attract all walks of life, making tourism popular in Seattle. Performing arts is highly favored by residential students in urbanized areas. The SYSO is the largest music organization in Seattle today. This youth group specializes in symphonic festivals, plays, concerts and films. Upper classmen find this amusing and entertaining.

Business And Economy
The metropolitan area is home to a large variety of companies, firms and economical businesses. Major companies like Microsoft and Dell dominate the computer industry in Seattle. This contributes to the job market as well, opening up more doorways for unemployed citizens. Seattle has the second busiest port in the world, which connects to the middle east. Trading with Japan and China has a high effect on the economy, and the recession has lowered the exchange rates down dramatically.

Seattle is overpopulated with coffee houses more than any other city in the world. Recently, Starbucks had to downsize a few stores in the local area, but is still the city’s most dominant coffee house. Amazon is another success story. This firm went from selling items in a small garage to being the world’s number one online retail distributor. Not everything is perfect in Seattle. The unemployment rate is below average. The rates increase rapidly as citizens lose their job. In the past year, the unemployment rate has doubled. The number is likely to rise as individuals run out of government benefits.

Advantages Of Seattle
Competitive Job Markets
Bus Stations
Shopping Malls
Business Programs
No Sales Tax
No Property Tax
No City/State/County Tax
High Real Estate Market
Computer/Online Retail Market

Disadvantages Of Seattle
High Gas
Expensive Car Insurance
Expensive Homeowners Insurance
Groceries Are Expensive
High Crime Rate
Poor Law Enforcement