Driving in Seattle – Is It Any Good?

It seems like driving in Seattle is something that people really love to talk about these days. If you have ever had a chance to drive on the East Coast, or in any other country for that matter, chances are that driving in Seattle would not be a great experience for you. Even professional San Francisco movers who drive on a daily basis in a densely populated area would have a difficult time commuting throughout Seattle.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that Seattle is a bad place – it is actually a very interesting place with a lot of things to see, as well as a lot of fun things to do.  However, Seattle still manages to be a city where traffic is really bad.

Although drivers in Seattle are usually considerate, they face a number of unique challenges on a regular basis. These challenges include hills and narrow streets. Despite the fact that the rain is very common in Seattle, it seems like most drivers are still not able to drive in the rain. This can be very frustrating for more skilled drivers, because they always need to be on the lookout for those who can’t even drive properly!

You Have To Pay For Parking

If you are the type of person that doesn’t like to pay for parking, your best option is to skip Seattle altogether. From street parking to pay lots, almost every parking spot in Seattle has its price. Make sure to always carry some cash with you, just in case there are no credit card machines available.

Two-Way Traffic Is Not Always an Option

In Seattle, some streets just don’t have enough room for two-way traffic. This is because some streets pretty much always have cars parked on both sides of the road, which automatically means that one-way traffic is the only available option. If you ever happen to be driving on such roads, and you probably will, make sure to pay some extra attention to what is happening in front of your car. If there is enough room to pull over and let the other car pass by, make sure to do just that. Most drivers are polite in situations like these, and the reason why is because there are is no other option.

Take the Bus

Seattle is the kind of place that doesn’t get a lot of snow. However, when snow does hit, it often turns into a dangerous ice. Because of that, instead of driving around in your own car, your best option would be to just take the bus.

Three Things That You Need To Know Before Visiting Seattle

Pretty much everyone who lives in Seattle will tell you that life there is great. Of course, some people will complain about the traffic, rain, and even graffiti, but most of them are not planning on leaving the city anytime soon. In fact, more and more people are moving to Seattle each year. Because of that, Seattle is considered to be one of the fastest growing cities in the United States of America.

Although it is pretty similar to some other large-scale cities in the USA, Seattle still manages to maintain its one-of-a-kind status, and there is a good reason for that – a couple of reasons actually. With that said, here are three things that you need to know before visiting Seattle!

Weather Creates Natural Beauty

If you are planning to visit Seattle in the near future, or even if you would like to move there, probably the first thing that people will tell you about is the weather. The weather in Seattle is very special and unique, and there is a good reason for that. Not only does it make everything look more attractive, but it affects almost every aspect of life in this beautiful city as well. But seriously though, rain makes everything in Seattle look much more beautiful than it already is. Rain shapes the area’s natural beauty, as well as its culture.

Seattle Is an Environment-Friendly City

Grocery stores in Seattle encourage customers to bring reusable bags. Seattle doesn’t offer plastic bags anymore, and if you want to buy a paper one, you can get it for a relatively low price. Pretty much everything is recyclable in Seattle. Organic foods are very popular in this city. In fact, organic foods are so popular here that there are more options now than ever before, and the best thing about all of this is the fact that the prices are more reasonable as well.

Traffic Will Test Your Patience

There is no doubt about it – the traffic in Seattle is terrible. It will test your patience. But there is no reason to worry though, because this city has been pretty good when it comes to managing its own growth, as well as making transportation improvements. Basically, the closer you are to the center of the city, the better your transportation options. The Sounder train is probably the most relaxing trip you can take in this city. However, keep in mind that this train is not as fast as you might think.