10 Sites Every Tourist in Seattle Must See

Written on September 5, 2011 by www.marcoseattle.com

Seattle is a city inhabited by humans for more than 4,000 years; it is the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix, and has been a center for the performing arts for many years. With many great restaurants and theaters and wonderful mountain and water views, Seattle is a fun and exciting destination for the whole family! Here are some “must-sees” for your visit:

SEATTLE SPACE NEEDLE- The Space Needle is Seattle’s must-see. Built in 1962, the Space Needle was the symbol for that year’s World Fair. It has a magnificent view of the Olympic and Cascade Mountains and a gift shop and rotating restaurant at 500 feet high!

BILL GATE’S HOUSE- The house of Bill Gates lies on the east shore of Lake Washington in the town of Medina. It has a Pacific Lodge style; the house includes a large private library with a dome-shaped roof and oculus. Also, it features an estate-wide server system as well as heated floors and driveways. Visitors upon entrance get a pin that changes rooms’ temperature, lighting, and music according to their preferences.

MOUNT RAINIER- At Mount Rainier, learn about glaciers, discover life at the rain-forest, hike the Wonderland Trail, and more! You can explore ecology at the alpines, visit a historic building, and experience a mountain meadow. Unlimited inspiration awaits at Mount Rainier!

WOODLAND PARK ZOO- The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle is a beautiful 92-acre zoo that features over 300 animal species. It provides information and interesting exhibits that are fun for the whole family. It features exhibits such as the African Savannah Zone, Australia Zone, the Northern Trail, and more! The zoo also includes a family farm petting zoo, and the Historic Carousel.

SEATTLE AQUARIUM- This aquarium was built in 1977 and hosts a variety of oceanic life forms. It has a gift store and cafe. The aquarium hosts animals from sea otters to jellyfish in magnificent settings and ecosystems.

SEATTLE ASIAN ART MUSEUM- The Asian Art Museum in Seattle contains galleries of fine pieces of art. The museum has many interesting Asian sculptures and paintings.

GOLDEN GARDENS PARK- Located in Pudget Sound, the Golden Gardens offers extraordinary views of Pudget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. It offers strolls along a coastline, hikes through forest trails, and fishing from a pier or boat.

LINCOLN PARK- Lincoln Park is Seattle’s main multi-purpose park. You can enjoy a walk along the forest trail or beach, or have a picnic in the afternoon on the meadows. It includes playgrounds, bike trails, and an outdoor heated saltwater pool.

DISCOVERY PARK- Discovery Park serves as a refuge from the stress and activity in the city. It is abundant in wildlife; the secluded site includes beaches, meadows, forest groves, and sand dunes. This is a great way to learn environmental education.

THE AURORA BRIDGE TROLL- One of the most popular art pieces in Seattle, the Troll lurks under the Aurora Bridge; visitors often come to gawk, hang out, and sight see at this extraordinary sight.

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